005: Hiring Part 2: Turning the Average Employee into a Rockstar

Building Upon the Potential of the Employees You Already Have

In part 2 of our hiring and management episodes, we’re going to talk about how you can turn the average employee, into an exceptional employee. A couple of the ways this is done is through Constant Reinforcement and Variable Reward Schedules. Sounds fancy, but basically, we’re talking about how you reward your employees. And, in some cases, how you let your employees know that there’s some room for improvement. Whether it’s positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement, like it or not, as a business owner, these kinds of feedback are absolutely necessary to keep your employees happy, and to keep them sharp.

Some of the examples we’re going to give are not always going to make sense for your business or for your employees and that’s OK. When we talk about “Negative Reinforcement”, our telephone example may seem strange, but we think it’s worth hearing, because, we want to give you guys some ideas and methods that you can customize and adapt to fit your own company, and your own personality. These are just examples, so keep that in mind as your listening. Thank you very much for joining us, and please enjoy Part Two of our two-part hiring and managing series…

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