050: Shawn Feurer – Stop Estimating Jobs and Start Selling Them

You’re not just a number cruncher.  Stop estimating jobs, and  start selling them! What is your sales process?  Shawn reviews the three bidding styles and how to perfect your presentation strategy.

1. Estimator
2. Schmoozer
3. Consultative

“Whether you buy from me, or somebody else, you’re going to have the tools and information necessary to make a good decision for your home and for your family.”

You want to set yourself apart from your competition. Every step of your process should be making yourself different.

CCN Process:
Step 1 – Attitude and goals
Step 2 – Pre-Approach – 3rd party sales tools that are sent out before you go out (for example: “How to Make a Successful Construction Investment.”  A reminder of appointment time and picture of who is coming out.
Step 3 – Measure call – Needs analysis call to find out the specific needs of the customer.  29 Questions you should ask your customers (you can get a free copy of these questions when you sign up for a free 30 minute business coaching call with Shawn)

With over 20 years  in the home improvement industry Shawn Feurer is experienced in all aspects of owning and running a successful remodeling company.  His company, Norton’s Quality Exteriors served the greater Salt Lake area  and were members of Certified Contractors Network for 10 years.   Shawn has always had a passion for homes and helping people.  He is very knowledgeable in the CCN best practices and has had years of experience implementing them into his business.  He now uses this experience to help others working for CCN  in member support and business development.


2 thoughts on “050: Shawn Feurer – Stop Estimating Jobs and Start Selling Them

  1. Luis Castaneda says:

    Hello Stan I’m a fellow follower of your great advice. I’m 25 years old out of Washington and love working in the landscaping industry. I currently work at a tech school as a maintenance technician and do all the landscape maintenance on the campus. Watching your videos and keith kelfas has inspired me to be an onterpeuer and start my own business specializing in sprinkler systems and general landscaping. I currently have bought myself a truck to work with and chose to name my business north western sun landscaping and irrigation. What’s the next step do I start working without licensing or do I get my business licensing and what else is needed to be legit?

    • Stan Genadek says:

      The next steps are: Insurance, marketing and Licensing. In that order. A license is not required for General Landscaping-but check your area for specific requirements. Insurance is Mandatory and necessary if you want to stay in business past your first job :). Marketing must be present 24 hours a day-7 days a week. Start with Craigslist-Because its Free- Fliers and Brochures work as well. Also build yourself a website! That website must be awesome-as its your store. Be patient with the website-it will not bring in customers right away-until it begins to get optimized and recognized by Google. This can take 6 months or more-unless you start working at it-ie social media, blog posts, tons of content relative to your work. Its tedious but helps. Home advisor and Angies List also get your name out their.

      Hope this helps!

      Warm Regards


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