052: Joanne Shaw – The Power of Partnering with a Landscape Designer

JoanneShawIf you don’t have a landscape designer on staff, partnering up with one is a great tool to have in your back pocket. When a customer asks you, “Can you draw this up for me?” it is much better to be able to answer, “yes, we have a specialist who does that” than send them on their way to find someone who can. This adds great value to you as the contractor because you make the customer’s life so much simpler.

Stan talks to Joanne Shaw, the owner and operator of Down2Earth Landscape Design. A graduate of Ryerson University in Landscape Design, Joanne has over 15 years experience in designing gardens and more than a decade in landscape and related business, both for her own clientele and established local nurseries.

Learn how to create a business relationship that is beneficially to both you and the landscape designer!

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