056: Kim Julen – Using Intuition to Grow Your Business

Kim JulenKim Julen with Finding Your Fiji discusses the importance of trusting your intuition to grow your business.  She discusses a few tests you can do right where you are to help determine whether or not you should do something.

So, how do you know it’s your intuition and not your ego?

Intuition feels natural, spontaneous, familiar
Intuition is uplifting – it feels good
Intuition is positive for highest good of all – no harm will come to others
Intuition is direct, to the point, and supportive
Intuition leaves a strong impression
Intuition is consistent
Intuition often leads to helping others
Intuition encourages making healthy changes

Intuition often comes to you through things you hear, see, think.  For example, numbers, words, animals, or triggers (if you see something and it makes you think of something else.)


How does what you say to yourself affects your reality?  Attract what you want instead of what you don’t want. The universe doesn’t hear a negative, so speak and think what you want.

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One thought on “056: Kim Julen – Using Intuition to Grow Your Business

  1. Cliff Paul says:

    Hi Stan, what do you do when you are working for a builder and they say I need you to fix this but only this way? This homeowner needs to have the lawn fixed. The builder wants me to fix it without re-sodding. Well its winter and although we are in Texas grass doesn’t germinate till spring. I can over seed but I’m not sure how that is going to pan out using rye-grass in Bermuda for instant gratification.

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