059: Robert Buzzard – Start a Business from Scratch

12278848_10205487120719236_3074954007732410240_n (2)Stan turns the tables and is interviewed by young entrepreneur, Robert Buzzard.  He is 20-years-old and wants to start an excavating and hardscaping business.  Robert has limited technical and business experience and wants to know the best plan of action.

Things you need to master when starting a business

  1. Sales – sales skills will make or break your company!
  2. Technical
  3. Managerial Skills
  4. Estimating

Questions that Robert asks Stan include:

  1. Should I get a job working for another company or jump right into starting a business?
  2. How should I start planning for my business?
  3. What licenses do I need to start-up?
  4. Do I need insurance?
  5. What start-up costs should I expect?
  6. How do you get quick cash in a pinch when absolutely necessary?
  7. What is my competitive edge?

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