065: Josie Robinson – Change Your Perspective with Gratitude

Josie Robinson PhotoLook for reasons to be grateful (every single day) instead of things to be upset about.

Practicing gratitude is a “keystone habit.”  The positive affects continue into other areas in your life.

“Give Thanks” System
T – Think about what you’re grateful for
H – Have an open mind (nothing you are grateful for is too small)
A – Allow yourself to feel gratitude
N – Note your gratitude (write it down)
K – Keep it in a special place51snvkxdrAL._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_
S – Share it with somebody else

Josie’s mantra when she is starting to feel frazzled is: “I am thankful for…”  When she feels herself starting to get upset or overwhelmed, she takes a second to note what is is grateful for.

Within 3 weeks of practicing gratitude, people are 25% happier, sleeping better and exercising more.  The benefits continue even after they are no longer intentionally practicing gratitude!

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