066: Jeri Schulze – Hire and Fire with Confidence

Jeri Schulze knows how to hire (and fire) for large companies, small companies and everything in between.  She discusses what to look for in a resume and interview to help decide if somebody is going to be a good fit for your team.

1. There is no universal resume.  You should highlight what you are bringing to the team and make sure it matches what the position is looking for.  Highlight with bullet points what are some key skills you are bringing to the table.
2. How to dress for an interview.  The employer believes that the interview is going to be the best that they are going to get out of you.  Your clothes pay a big role in an employer’s first impression.

How do you qualify a firing?
If you don’t have an HR department, contact a reputable employer law firm to help guide through things. Discrimination, complaining of harassment, or something that could qualify as retaliation.  Make sure employees acknowledge employee handbook. have good documentation to back up communication of expectations before firing.  Demonstrate that you’ve done your best to help the employee. Have the employee sign and acknowledge the conversations you had with them regarding the infractions.
How many chances do you give somebody?  It depends on what your policies are and you should follow the policy.

Can this person do more than the job I’m hiring today?  Can they grow with the business and take on more leadership roles.

STAR Method
S – Situation – What was the situation?
T – Task – What was the task?
A – Action – What was the action you took?
R – Result – What was the result? How did it end up?

Skill – The ability to get something done
Competency – How you go about getting something done

You are looking for somebody who cares about customers even if they never interact with them.


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