067: Stacey Marks – Connect with Your Female Market

Stan chats with Stacey Marks, co-founder of OnSite Supply about the importance of connecting with both your male and female market and using social media.

Having a female look at your marketing and advertising ideas to give their input can be a make-or-break situation as a woman is the one making the final decision in a lot of situations.

In general, women are good at putting themselves in other peoples’ shoes so that can look at your ideas from multiple points of view and have a good idea of how will things will make a certain group of people feel.

When you are on-site with customers, be sure to ask the female questions, shake her hand, and make eye contact with her too!  Do not default to the man only.  She will notice and it will not leave a good impression.

For flyer advertising, Stacey recommends using warm colors with engaging and friendly copy.  Large rack card flyers are a great option.

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