072: Greg Wittstock – Pond Installation for Increased Profits

After moving to Wheaton, IL, as a young boy, Greg taught himself how to build a pond by digging one in his parents’ backyard. Neighbor’s saw his work and asked him to build them ponds. Eventually, he started a small business to make summer money. After the Chicago Tribune wrote a front page article on him, Greg’s business took off.

It’s all about the people you bring into your company. Find people who are good in places you’re weak so your company can grow as effectively as possible.

Aquascape offers a free online academy to become a Certified Aquascape Specialist. When you complete the training, you will be on their website as a recommended contractor.

4 Level Approach to Busienss
1. Hands On
2. Working with other
3. Systems based
4. Strategic (work on the business, not in it)

Installer, manufacturer, trainers & educators.

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