073: Matthew Martin – Expanding into Chemical Applications

Are you looking to expand your business to include chemical applications?  Matthew Martin has worked for national fertilizer and weed control companies and has ran his own business, and he sits down with Stan to guide people looking to move into this niche or expand their current business.

His first piece of advice is for business owners to reach out to a county a county extension agent and ask them what a good trade organization is to get involved with (ex. Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association or Tennessee Turf Grass Association).  It’s a group of people who are very open about sharing knowledge.  Get involved with the local department of agriculture.

Know the laws. How to read label. Mix use rates. 

If there is one in your area, a small business development center will also help as a business coach or help find a mentor in your trade.  You can also take courses at local community colleges.

1. Get equipment:  Truck. Skid sprayer
2. Calibrate equipment
3. Get customers (Direct mail blasts, referral credit)

Leave door hangers in neighborhoods that you want to work in.  When a property is within eyeshot of one that you service, personalize it with a note. For example, “See Mr(s). ______ lawn?  You can have the same lawn if you hire us!”

Door hangers should include: Company name. Logo. Eye catching image. Website. Phone number.  Introductory price.  “Local companies deliver results the national companies promise”

​Your first round of advertising should be when the weather starts warming up and people start moving around outside and looking at their lawns.  This is approximately when you get your first 50 degree day.

You MUST apply the right product at the right time or you will be battling more issues that necessary.  Use a system to route and make your applications more efficient is very beneficial.

Take the time to learn what you are doing because mistakes cost a lot of money and bad word-of-mouth.

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