074: Steve Rak – Hire Key Players & Set Your Business Up For Success

Steve Rak - Rak ConsultingIf you get hurt, can your company still go on?  It’s time to start thinking about your business as a business.

Focus on building your people instead of focusing on building systems. Once you have your key people in place, then you can create systems around them. If you don’t have people to operate the systems, what good are they?

As owners, we often times want to keep our hands in everything.  Hire people who have different skill sets than you. Hire people who are better than you!  Ask yourself what you want to get off your plate and delegate to somebody else so you can free up time to grow your businessLBP_now_DMU.

Consultants are the people you pay, mentors are those you ask for help and they will help you out.

Mentors are free.
Coaches help build business.
Consultants have higher intensity w/industry specific information.

As soon as you think you know it all, you have a problem. Never stop learning!

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