075: Blake Albertson – Use Social Media to Blow Up Your Business

Blake is a 19-year-old who has been in the green industry for 3 years.  He has been dominating social media to grow his business.BlakeAlbertson_BBLawnCare

Consistency – You have to post on social media regularly (not a bunch in one day and then not again for awhile) .

Quality – High quality content that aren’t all the same.

Tags – put relevant tags on the posts.  When people click on the hashtag, your picture will show up.  Instagram will provide a list of suggested tags when you post.

You want to connect your social media accounts together.  For example, when you post a video on YouTube include your other social media usernames and a link to subscribe to your posts in the description.

LBP_now_DMUBlake’s Social Media Recommendations: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook

Blake’s Instagram
Stan’s Instagram

Blake’s YouTube 
Stan’s YouTube

Blake’s Facebook
Stan’s Facebook

When it comes to paying for advertising online, Blake recommends using Facebook ads because you can specify which groups of people you want to advertise to.  You can advertise to specific areas, age ranges, etc.

When starting on social media, introduce your company and what sets you apart from the other companies in the area.  Also post quick tips & tricks videos for homeowners.

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