076: Bryan Ring – Build Reputation & Charge What You Want

Bryan Ring Lawn CareWhen he was 24, Bryan’s neighbor offered him a job at a lawn care business.  After becoming unhappy with his manager, Bryan had had enough.  Another neighbor was moving and had 3 things to get rid of: a dog, a TV, and a John Deere lawn tractor for $800.

He used that John Deere to launch his business (along with a van and a boat trailer).  Now he is passionate about helping other business owners grow their businesses.

  1. Built a company website
  2. Put lettering on all the trucks

LBP_now_DMUIt is important to capture the name, email address, and phone number of potential clients.  Bryan does this by offering a way to get an instant quote on his website by measuring their lawn.

Bryan uses his social media skills to help other contractors grow their businesses.  His words of wisdom are that business owners stay true to their pricing and their business model.  Focus on building your reputation and you will be able to charge what you want.

Train somebody in that could go start their own company.  If you can do that, you will be creating another version of yourself.  Give them the reason they have to stay with you.

Bryan’s advice:  Grow slow.  Don’t let the business get out of control so you aren’t able to service your customers.

Stan’s advice: Find the best person you can to bring into your business

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