077: Syd Stephan – Innovation Drives Success

Syd Stephan of Kage Innovations gave his son, Mike Stephan, Syd Stephan 500 the opportunity to create a one of a kind snow plow system.

Mike was always creative and he was encouraged by his parents to keep coming up with new ideas.  When somebody senses that you’re willing to take a risk and pursue their creative solutions to make a job faster or easier, they will continue to come up with new solutions.  There are a lot of ideas that never make it past your garage or company, but if you persevere, you can take the next step and create something big.

LBP_now_DMUPut people in a position that they can thrive!  If you have an idea, start coming up with a plan.  Use Google!  Think “There’s got to be a better way.”  You have to kick the habit!

They started small and made a few pieces and started selling them.  Started naive.  Didn’t think about the risk too much.  If you concentrate on the risk of a venture, you will focus on the risk instead of the possibility of great success.

There were “well meaning detractors” along the way who tried to discouraged Syd from continuing.  This could have stopped the progress of their business.  You will likely have these kind of people in your world, and you’ll have to stay strong because these people will try to stop you.  They will think they know what’s right for your company.

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