078: Travis Leicht – Maximize Your Current Assets

Travis LeichtTravis Leicht of OnSite Supply talks to Stan about maximizing your current assets to create more profit in your business.  What are some changes that can be made (easily) to bring in more income with less effort.

Travis has been doing Periscope videos and using them to increase his business.

When it comes to business, he wants you to start by evaluating yourself.  Where are you happiest?  What makes you happy?  Figure out where you want to be.

LBP_now_DMUOne key step that Travis took to simplifying his business is what he calls “batching.”  Batching is maximizing your hours by minimizing interruptions that waste time.  Batching allows you to get key things done efficiently.

Income – Time, mobility & time
“6 sides to the die” – capital (liquid, physical, social, credit, spiritual)

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