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Stan Genadek has been in the landscaping/excavating business for 30 years. Entrepreneur, business owner and family man, Stan wanted to create a podcast that focused on contractor education, specifically on landscaping and excavating businesses. The Landscape Business Pro Podcast will dig into marketing, hiring, customers, bidding jobs, tricks of the trade and anything else that will help listeners be more successful. The show will also feature interviews with industry experts and innovative entrepreneurs. The goal is to help you be more profitable, more efficient, have happier customers and of course, make more money! Ultimately, this show is all about contractors, business owners, and anyone that get’s their hands dirty to earn a living.

When not creating podcasts, Stan is owner of Genadek Landscaping & Excavating in MN.

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8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey guys, great podcast. You’re one of about fifteen feeds I keep up with and we’ll be mentioning you in an upcoming blog post on landscape industry podcasts.

    I wanted to reach out because I come from 20+ years in the landscape industry and I made the move I did because I saw a need to help LCOs get better at sales and marketing. I’d love to chat with you all on air about the sales process. I’m working with Describeit, a sales tool for the landscape industry, and I’m in charge of educational content. We’re doing monthly webinars, an email short course, and in person workshops as part of our outreach campaign.

    Here’s the deal: if you’re at all interested, email me back and I’ll send you the link to the recording from our last webinar. Check it out and if you think I’d bring value to your listeners, let’s do this. If not, I realize I’m not for everyone, but I appreciate you taking the time.


  2. I was just curious what accounting program you use for your business. Also do you use a landscape design program? We are fans of your videos and would appreciate your reply and advice.
    Joe Green

    • Stan Genadek says:

      Every company sets up an accounting system to meet their specific needs. Because accounting isn’t my interest or strong point, I hire a firm to do it for me. I keep track of everything for the year through my banking system, categorize it, and turn it in for review. My accountant that specializes in small business handles it from there. It’s more expensive, but a good accounting firm should pay for itself in time, tax savings, etc, etc. I would steer away from the big box brand firms and make a local connection…that goes along way for many areas of business development. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions, just let me know!

      Warm Regards,

  3. Frankie Gianni Noriega says:

    I ran across a couple of your YouTube videos and I’m pretty impressed with what you’re doing there I was wondering if you could take a little bit of your time I know you’re busy I’m giving me some pointers about how to get my company to the next level. I live here in West Jordan Utah thank you so much

    • Stan Genadek says:

      Where do you want to start? That is a huge question- have you done any research in your specific field of interest? The next steps are education and experience. Pick an area that really interests you and learn every Darn thing you can about it! Become the local expert. Practice for free if you have to! You need experience -and that may only come if your willing to do something for someone without charging them. Ask them to buy the materials and let you install them. Take pictures of the process -this proves to the next person you can do it. Once you prove you can do it-you can begin to get paid to do it:)

      Does this help?

      Warm Regards


  4. Robert Champier-Clarke says:

    Hi Stan,

    Loving the podcast’s lots of great info and i also subscribe to your youtube channel. In the future would it be possible to cover starting an excavation business as an add on to a landscaping business please. We are looking at upgrading our machinery and hope we can start a ground working business to complement the landscaping. A youtube video or podcast would be great

    Kind Regards


  5. Martyn says:

    Hi Stanley, I was listening to your latest interview with Jeff McManus’ and was inspired and loved his passion for our industry and helping to mold each one of his employees into leaders.

    I would like to ask you if I could use parts of this interview in a YouTube video. I do a series of video’s for my channel called “Lawn Care Motivation” I make these video’s whenever I find a speech or talk that motivates me and I like to share that with others in our industry through YouTube.

    If this is o.k please let me know, here is a link to my Lawn Care Motivation Playlist so you can have an idea how I put these type of video’s together.

    With thanks

  6. Hi Stan, I’ve recently watched a few of your videos. In one specifically, you talked about paver patio cost ranges. You apparently know the range in your market, but tasked us to understand what our competitors are charging for the same service in our market area. Do you have a good plan of attack on gathering this information?

    Thanks for the advice,

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