014: Jeff Law – Taking On the Taxman – Protect Your Business and Your Bottom Line

Let’s be honest, tax preparation and accounting is something that makes most small business owners cringe. Jeff Law is here to take that weight off your shoulders with some practical and actionable advice for business owners and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. Jeff is the second generation owner of Law Tax and Financial. Law Tax and Financial focuses on helping businesses from the initial setup and incorporation, right on down the line. They regularly and professionally handle tax preparation, payroll, bookkeeping, and consulting for small to medium sized businesses. We’ll learn how proper planning is essential to make sure your business is maximizing profits, and at the same time, setting aside the correct amount of money from those profits to ensure you’re not hit with any large tax bills along the way. As a business owner himself, Jeff really understands the issues and setbacks that weigh down so many companies. In this episode, Jeff and Stan do a great job of translating issues facing Jeff’s company and his clients into a language that speaks to all types of landscapers, excavators, and contractors.

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