002: Advertising & ROI – Getting the Highest Possible Return on Your Advertising Dollars

Maximizing Return on Advertising Dollars in Your Landscaping/Excavating Business

In this episode of The Landscape Business Pro Podcast, we dig into advertising, right after Stan attempts to remember a marketing joke. Landscapers and excavators face some unique challenges when it comes to advertising for their business. Stan breaks down what is working for him, and talks about how you can leverage his ideas and advertising experiences to get the most our of your advertising spend. 10:1 return of investment – big whoop – we’ll help you shoot for 20:1 returns and better!

There’s a ton of good information in this one, so the episode is a little longer. We talk about how to budget your advertising throughout the year and how to adjust that budget depending on the time of year and depending on how busy you are. Avoiding yearly advertising contracts will allow you to stay flexible and spend your money as efficiently as you can. We also get into some advertising techniques and strategies and even touch a little upon websites and online marketing with some great information specific to our industries. We cover a lot of great stuff and we hope you guys enjoy the episode!

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