011: Ben Mueller – Internet Marketing for ANY Company, Skill Level and Budget

Ben Mueller is an entrepreneur, marketing and sales expert, and — most notably — the head of marketing for Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and multiple other best-selling books. Ben’s determination and drive is both contagious and inspiring. Ben has had his share of challenges, and through those lessons, he’s come to understand that passion and diligence are the true driving force that empowers all successful entrepreneurs.

"You don’t have to be some brilliant scholar to be successful…Get out there, and do what you need to do."

Ben outlines some simple tips, like how to optimize your website and how to leverage the enormous power of You Tube and video marketing. Anyone can implement these ideas in their own business and on their website. Through these simple techniques, you will get more traffic to your site and more visibility for your business, all while establishing credibility, and representing yourself as an industry expert. You will find Ben to be passionate, energetic, and very good at what he does. Enjoy this episode and take advantage of the simple, targeted strategies that you can implement in your contracting business right away. Thanks for checking out the Landscape Business Pro Podcast!

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2 thoughts on “011: Ben Mueller – Internet Marketing for ANY Company, Skill Level and Budget

  1. JImmy says:

    Great podcast sir! I have a question. I’ve just started building my site a few weeks ago. I have my Google business page verified video marketing, I’m on it. I’ve already started that.

    But this is my question. I don’t see to many people searching in my local market online for lawn care. So what am I to do? Just keep building online?

    I guess the reason I started online is because I noticed I can out do rank competitors online in many areas and I do think sooner then later more people will be searching online.

    So keep plugin away, right?

    • Cameron says:

      Hey, Jimmy. Thanks for checking out our podcast! Building an online presence is always a good idea, period. Keep it up! The results will come sooner or later. If you’re not seeing the search traffic you would like, I would suggest exploring some other keywords, and maybe even pair that effort with a pay-per-click campaign, like Google Adwords. If the search traffic for certain keywords truly is low in your area, then you might be able to capitalize on some inexpensive click throughs. Best of luck!

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