039: Bill Ross – Angie’s List: What Every Contractor Needs to Know

Angie’s List is a website designed make money by helping consumers find reputable service providers in their area. How does it work? Angie’s list charges service providers to be “featured” on the Angie’s List website, making the company’s listing more visible in order to generate leads. You might wonder, “What does it cost?” Well, how much have you got? Bill Ross, former sales rep at Angie’s List, is dedicated to helping contractors save money by teaching them the right way to negotiate with Angie’s List salespeople. Unlike many of the commission-based salesmen on the other end of the phone, Bill always has your best interests in mind. If negotiated properly, your Angie’s List experience can be a lucrative one. But, if the salesperson is able to take advantage of you through various “questionable” sales techniques, then you could end up wasting a LOT of money. In this episode, Bill teaches us to understand the process, and play serious hardball to make sure your company has the best chance of success with Angie’s List.

“Always quote high…you can never quote high enough!”

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