018: BJ Smith – Facebook for Contractors: How to Find New Customers

BJ Smith - The Busy MarketerSimply put, BJ Smith is an online marketing expert. BJ hosts The Busy Marketer Podcast, co-hosts the Marketing Recap Podcast, and is a college-level professor of multi-media design. But more importantly, BJ understands how contractors like you can utilize some basic marketing principals and techniques to efficiently and inexpensively market your business to a targeted audience. It turns out that Facebook isn’t just for finding old flames and seeing photos of your cousin’s latest fishing trip. BJ tells us how to use Facebook, social media and simply made videos to reach customers like never before. We do touch on some high-level online marketing strategies, but BJ has a great ability boil these strategies down to actionable steps that you can take today. It’s clear that BJ really knows what the hell he’s talking about, and If you don’t leverage the expertise shared by BJ in this episode…your competition will.

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