021: Brian Burns – The Maverick Selling Method for Landscaping Contractors

Brian Burns is a sales and marketing guru. He is the author of The Maverick Selling Method and also hosts The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling Podcast. When attempting to land a large client, like a home owners association or corporate campus, it is essential to understand business to business sales processes. As a board member of his home owners association, Brian was in charge of the landscaping, so he has first-hand experience hiring and working with landscaping vendors. He has some invaluable insights and does a great job of laying our what the customer needs from you, and how to represent your company in a way that puts you ahead of every other landscaping contractor competing with you for that contract. When selling business-to-business (B2B), there are important differences compared to selling to a homeowner. Budget becomes less of a focus, and the client has less of an emotional connection to the project. If you understand this and adjust your sales process accordingly, you will have significantly improved success when bidding these larger B2B projects. If you’re a landscaping contractor looking to break into a B2B market, or simply want to improve your sales process across the board, then this episode is perfect for you.

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