034: Brian Shain of Top Notch Lawns – Start Your Own Business

Brian ShainOur guest today is Brian Shain, owner of Top Notch Lawn Care and the Top Notch Lawns YouTube channel. In this episode of the LBP Podcast, Stan and Brian remind us – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know – and a huge part of success is trust and likability. Like it or not, those two words can make or break your business. Relationships and connections can be the difference between a ringing phone, and the sound of crickets in your office. This episode also covers the ever important questions, “How much lawn mowing equipment should I buy when I’m starting out?” And, “how much should I buy when I start to get busier?” Stan and Brian do a great job of laying out a strategy based on their own successes AND failures. Remember, you’re already doing more than 99% of the population by simply taking the first step.

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