025: Carol Kinsey Goman – Four Signs That Someone is Lying

Carol Kinsey GomanIf your mouth is saying one thing, and your body is saying another, people will listen to your body. This is essential to understand when talking with a potential client. Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD, is a best-selling author and expert in the field of body language and communication. She’s written multiple books, including The Nonverbal Advantage, and her latest book, The Silent Language of Leaders. In this episode, Carol will teach us that as a representative of your company, you must understand how important your body language is to the success of your business. Not only when meeting with clients, but also when dealing with your employees, hiring, managing, negotiating with vendors…the list goes on and on. Understanding body language will not only help you make the best possible impression, but will also give you the tools to accurately read the body language of others, which is a huge advantage in a wide variety of situations. Carol and Stan even touch on micro-expressions, which you might remember learning about in Episode 019 – Vanessa Van Edwards – Body Language for Business.

Four Tell-Tale Signs that someone is Lying

In a short conversation, someone is probably trying to deceive you if they…

  1. rub their hands together
  2. cross their arms
  3. lean back
  4. touch their face

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