070: Daniel Aplin – Keys to Starting Business Right

Daniel Aplin is starting in plant installation and design and interviews Stan in this weeks podcast interview.  He is given free reign and gets to ask Stan anything he wants.

Questions covered include:
How do you set goals and commit to them?
S – Specific
M -Measurable
A – Actionable
R – Realistic
​T – Time sensitive
How do you market on a low budget?
What software do you use to run your company?
​How should a business owner allocate their profits?
​When do you hire your first employee?
​How do you interview potential employees?
What is your favorite training?
How do you transition from thinking of starting a business to being booked solid?


profit first
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069: Doug Cobair – Going Off Grid with No Experience

Snapshot_0Former successful lawn care and landscape professional, Doug Cobair, and his wife Stacy decided to sell it all and move from the city to the country.  He went from living in a 2500 sq ft house in the city to homesteading on 11 acres and living in a 800 sq ft log home that built by himself (with no carpentry skills).

They grow 90% of their own food and meat, have a stocked pond.

They collect 100% of their water from a 3000 gallon rain catchment system that Doug installed.

They live with zero electricity, NO SOLAR or WIND POWER.

068: Enzo Parilli – Boost Confidence and Overcome Depression

enzoparilli**The information contained herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.**

Enzo found himself drinking and medicating a clinical depression.  The substances made him feel out of control of his life, so he knew he had to make a change.  His solution came through guided meditation and positive self talk.

“Problems arise. It’s your reaction to it changes that changes all.  Everything changes when your reaction changes.” – Enzo Parilli

Be the roll model when things go south.  When you are under fire, be the person that people look at and say, “How does he do it?!”  Other people will admire and try to emulate what you are doing.  Step outside the situation and come up with solution to fix your challenge.

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067: Stacey Marks – Connect with Your Female Market

Stan chats with Stacey Marks, co-founder of OnSite Supply about the importance of connecting with both your male and female market and using social media.

Having a female look at your marketing and advertising ideas to give their input can be a make-or-break situation as a woman is the one making the final decision in a lot of situations.

In general, women are good at putting themselves in other peoples’ shoes so that can look at your ideas from multiple points of view and have a good idea of how will things will make a certain group of people feel.

When you are on-site with customers, be sure to ask the female questions, shake her hand, and make eye contact with her too!  Do not default to the man only.  She will notice and it will not leave a good impression.

For flyer advertising, Stacey recommends using warm colors with engaging and friendly copy.  Large rack card flyers are a great option.

066: Jeri Schulze – Hire and Fire with Confidence

Jeri Schulze knows how to hire (and fire) for large companies, small companies and everything in between.  She discusses what to look for in a resume and interview to help decide if somebody is going to be a good fit for your team.

1. There is no universal resume.  You should highlight what you are bringing to the team and make sure it matches what the position is looking for.  Highlight with bullet points what are some key skills you are bringing to the table.
2. How to dress for an interview.  The employer believes that the interview is going to be the best that they are going to get out of you.  Your clothes pay a big role in an employer’s first impression.

How do you qualify a firing?
If you don’t have an HR department, contact a reputable employer law firm to help guide through things. Discrimination, complaining of harassment, or something that could qualify as retaliation.  Make sure employees acknowledge employee handbook. have good documentation to back up communication of expectations before firing.  Demonstrate that you’ve done your best to help the employee. Have the employee sign and acknowledge the conversations you had with them regarding the infractions.
How many chances do you give somebody?  It depends on what your policies are and you should follow the policy.

Can this person do more than the job I’m hiring today?  Can they grow with the business and take on more leadership roles.

STAR Method
S – Situation – What was the situation?
T – Task – What was the task?
A – Action – What was the action you took?
R – Result – What was the result? How did it end up?

Skill – The ability to get something done
Competency – How you go about getting something done

You are looking for somebody who cares about customers even if they never interact with them.


065: Josie Robinson – Change Your Perspective with Gratitude

Josie Robinson PhotoLook for reasons to be grateful (every single day) instead of things to be upset about.

Practicing gratitude is a “keystone habit.”  The positive affects continue into other areas in your life.

“Give Thanks” System
T – Think about what you’re grateful for
H – Have an open mind (nothing you are grateful for is too small)
A – Allow yourself to feel gratitude
N – Note your gratitude (write it down)
K – Keep it in a special place51snvkxdrAL._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_
S – Share it with somebody else

Josie’s mantra when she is starting to feel frazzled is: “I am thankful for…”  When she feels herself starting to get upset or overwhelmed, she takes a second to note what is is grateful for.

Within 3 weeks of practicing gratitude, people are 25% happier, sleeping better and exercising more.  The benefits continue even after they are no longer intentionally practicing gratitude!

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064: Brian Pino – Get in Front of HOA’s and Go From a Part-Time to a Full-Time Business

Brian ran a business in high school with a friend, got a job out of school, and then in April 2015, he started a new business.  In today’s episode, Brian asks Stan vital questions about transitioning from running a part-time business to a full-time business.

They also dive into important questions about the differences in homeowners associations and residential properties (bidding, advertising, providing service, etc).

NEVER belittle your competition, but create a flyer to show ways the property can be improved.  Give the flyer to every homeowner in the association.  The more specific and less generic, the better.

When you have the right person in your business, they will never cost you money.  You should be making more money than they are costing.

063: Joe Mooney – Rainwater Collection Systems

JoeMooneyDon’t have analysis paralysis and think yourself out of new projects. Just get started!

Stan interviews Joe Mooney of Homesteadonomics about how he harvests 90-95% of his water usage from rainwater.  Joe goes over the specifics of how he has his collection, filter, and storage systems set up.

Every inch of rain on 1,000 square feet = approximately 600 gallons

Joe is a wealth of knowledge about a wide variety of topics when it comes to do-it-yourself projects and homesteading.

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062: Phil Sarros – Power in Sharing Content

Phil Sarros _ Head Shot

Dirt Monkey University is looking for writers to contribute content using their experience in the industry.  We will then post your blog on our website and put a link to your website.  We will also provide you with a badge that you can put on your website and link to your article.

This will have great benefit for both of us!  We are building a platform for people in our community to learn from each other.  You will get instant credibility to your clients and it will be a boost to your website when it comes to online search engines.

Articles don’t have to be directly related to the industry.  It can be about relationships, nutrition, personal growth, etc.

Share experience. Share knowledge. Create authority.

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061: Geek to Freak & Keith and Ashley Kalfas – The YouTube Life

Keith KalfasGreg Chism - Geek to FreakStan sits down with Greg Chism (AKA Geek to Freak) and Keith & Ashley Kalfas after the GIE Expo to have a casual conversation about the ins and outs of their YouTube “careers.”

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