029: Catherine Byers Breet – A Nasty Word That Makes Contractors Money

You can have a phenomenal website and great brochures, but at the end of the day, people buy from people.

Networking is an annoying, pretentious, and even disgusting word to most contractors. When we hear the word “networking” we imagine an awkward conversation with someone we don’t know and have nothing in common with. This couldn’t be more false. When you get down to it, networking is about people. In this episode, Catherine Byers Breet does an amazing job of scrubbing the concept clean, demystifying it, and teaching us how simple and painless it really is. Networking is not confined to stuffy events and boring get-togethers…it’s all around us. Catherine teaches us to sniff out connections and opportunities that exist everywhere we go. Take Stan for example; Stan networks at Subway, at the gas station, anywhere — and it’s payed-off on numerous occasions, in the form of both clients and employees. So ask yourself, where will your next monster job come from? The hardware store? Grocery shopping with the kids? You never know…until you ask.

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