008: Matt Moeller – Overcoming Challenges Facing the Snow Plowing Industry

Matt Moeller is the Resource Coordinator for Interstate Companies, one of Minnesota’s top outdoor maintenance service companies. Matt got started in the industry back when he was 18 years, so he understands the industry and has experienced it from a variety of positions within a company.

"You gotta have it in your blood naturally…you gotta like the smell of diesel in the morning"

Is the snow plowing industry facing a potential crash? What does this mean for the strong companies that are able to survive the upcoming challenges? Matt and Stan discuss various difficulties facing the snow removal industry, especially on what it takes to find, teach and keep good employees. Matt believes that today’s mindset of instant gratification has made it increasingly difficult to find young people that understand it takes hard work and it takes time to get to that next level. It isn’t instant. You have to love the smell of diesel in the morning and you have to “want it”.

In Stan’s experience, he’s found that often a less-experienced, trainable, honest employee is more valuable to your company than a seasoned employee that knows their stuff, but might not be on the same page as you and the rest of your team. Once your company established a good crew – a crew that cares – how do we keep them busy 52 weeks a year? Matt also shares what he’s learned about management, and what it means to be a good foreman. The hard work that moved you up in the company doesn’t stop once you’re a manager/owner. In fact, the hard work becomes more constant, and doesn’t stop just because you punch the clock at the end of day. Our interview wraps-up with Matt’s thoughts regarding the importance of setting up systems and surrounding yourself with good people.

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2 thoughts on “008: Matt Moeller – Overcoming Challenges Facing the Snow Plowing Industry

  1. don says:

    My name is Donald and I own a lawn and landscape business. I drive a bobcat for a guy and get paid 25 an hour in northern Virginia. I want to buy a plow and truck that can plow but I don’t know if I should. I get paid pretty good and I don’t need to worry about equipment or aaccounts. What do you think? I do how have three commercial property’s do snow plow for BC I already do their maintenance and they are willing to hand me the snow plowing accounts. It would be 100 dollars per lot. P.s. the company that I was working for had sub’s BC they needed six or eight skid steers to do the property. It is a air force base. Anyway last year a guy drive a skid ran right into a car and totaled it. They lost that account. It sucks BC many times I would go their and just sit in my truck getting paid BC they needed us their for any chance of snow or storm. I know they charged by the hour on that contract. It was funny BC we had to take all the snow piles from the top of they parking garage down to the bottom. They were doing it with just bobcat buckets. At six in the morning they had to go to another site and here comes the dump trailer to finish the job. I was in the bobcat for thirty hours straight at one time. Great pod cast. Big fan….

    • Stan Genadek says:

      Hey Donald – thank you so much for the great question! My advice: Buy a plow truck! Just make sure you buy it at the RIGHT PRICE. If your business doesn’t pan out, you still have a truck to drive, or, you can always sell it if you need to, which is why it’s so important to buy at a good price. I also get the feeling that you may be interested in eventually buying a bobcat. You mention that you have a lot of experience running a bobcat, and even spent 30 hours straight in a bobcat at one time. While running that bobcat for someone else, you got paid $25/hour. Imagine if you had been running your OWN bobcat for $85/hour. Boom! You just made enough money for about FOUR monthly payments. Start with the truck, but keep your mind on growth. Keep your eye out for that growth opportunity, which may be a bobcat. Grow incrementally, take your time, and keep your eyes on the prize! Best of luck, Donald!

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