040: Corinna Essa – Social Media 101 for Landscapers & Contractors

Corinna EssaCorinna Essa is a social media expert. She’s helped companies of all types and sizes approach their social media marketing in a way that makes sense for their industry, budget, and marketing goals. Take Pinterest for example…the simplicity of posting a beautifully photographed before and after picture on Pinterest can have a profound affect on your company’s exposure. Once Pinterest users start “pinning” your photos, you can essentially sit back and let the Pinterest community do your advertising for you. If Pinterest is a model that works for your business, then Instagram is another photo-based platform that may be perfect for your company’s social media efforts.

Maybe your business model is B to B. If that’s the case, LinkedIn might be a good choice. LinkedIn is a popular professional networking website that you can use to bypass gatekeepers and pre-qualify leads without them even knowing it. Stan and Corinna also talk about Twitter. They discuss how to best use Twitter, but more importantly, how landscapers can utilize Twitter in a way that makes sense for the landscaping and excavating industry. And then there’s Google Plus. What the hell is it – and as a landscaping contractor – how can it help my business? Corinna and Stan clear up some of the mysteries around these various social media platforms and shed some light on how contractors like yourself can approach social media with a realistic and targeted game plan.

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