041: Shaun Caldwell – Internet Marketing vs. Print and Direct Mail Marketing

Shaun CaldwellShaun Caldwell is owner of Charlotte Print, an online printing company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shaun’s background is internet marketing, but when his career wasn’t going where he wanted, he got into print media – which seems a little backwards – but it’s a move that Shaun truly believes was a game changer. Before beginning a direct mail campaign, ask yourself two questions. 1) What does your demographic look like? Age, income, location, etc. Know who you’re targeting. 2) Make sure your message to that audience is complimentary. It doesn’t matter how good your print piece looks or how many people see it, if you’re not speaking their language, then your efforts are lost and your money is wasted. Stan and Shaun also discuss the differences between a solo and “coop” campaign. Which costs more? Which is more effective? What kind of return can I expect?

“Do what you’re best at and outsource everything else.”

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