012: John Gray – Staying Focused in a Hyper World

John Gray is a best-selling author, and is best know for his book, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus. But on this episode of the Landscape Business Pro Podcast, were not talking about relationships. We’re talking about all the different ways we can stay focused and stay productive in today’s world of high-stress and overstimulation. Staying Focused in a Hyper World is John’s latest book. Stan and John discuss today’s endless “to do” lists and, and all the stimulants and distractions that challenge us everyday.

As landscapers, as contractors, and as business owners, staying focused is not only difficult, but it is crucial to achieving and maintaing success. John talks about the affects of various stimulants and chemicals on the brain, and what we can do take more control of how we feel and how we perform within our companies. As business owners, it’s very easy to become a workaholic, so how do we maintain a work-life balance? He also talks about how different people handle stress, and how anyone can eat better as a natural way to deal with the stresses that come with running a business. His vast knowledge and easy going attitude make this episode entertaining, educational, and easy to listen to. There is some great information given, and a bunch of natural solutions for anyone that wants to be healthy, focused, and a better business owner.

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