030: Johnny Mow – Live in the Dash

You’ll find Johnny Mow on YouTube talking about business side of the lawn mowing industry, and much more. Chasing your dream does not mean burdening yourself with too much work, too much stress and looming deadlines. Your perspective and your outlook influence every aspect of your life, your business, and your family. Johnny approaches his business in a unique and sometimes counter-intuitive way. His idea is simple—take the finances out of the equation and focus on the reason you started your business in the first place—freedom. Ask yourself, what makes up my priority list in life? Johnny believes that if you focus your priority list, or “code” as he calls it, then your business decisions will become much easier, and your direction more clear. Johnny has a fascinating story that started with humble beginnings. Throughout his life and business, Johnny has learned that a streamlined and efficient business will not only provide for your family, but will also give you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy more time AWAY from your business.

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