023: Jonathan Pototschnik – The Lawn Care Millionaire

Jonathan Pototschnik - The Lawn Care MillionaireJonathan Pototschnik, The Lawn Care Millionaire, is one of the founding partners of City Turf and a founding member of ServiceAutopilot. Commercial or residential? Where’s the real money at? Jonathan and Stan bust some common myths and really dig into making money in the lawn care industry. Jonathan started out at a young age, mowing lawns while his mom waited for him in the car. Before long, Jonathan found himself making more money than his teachers. But he still wasn’t completely satisfied. After leaving the industry and having a short stint in software, Jonathan came around full circle and again began a lawn care business. His focus quickly switched from commercial to almost all residential. Jonathan ditched the contracts, honed his company’s sales techniques and streamlined a number of processes which free up his time and his money. He’s gotten so good at his model in fact, that he now services over 5,000 clients. That is not a typo. There is a TON of good information in this episode, and we hope you get some awesome strategies to try within your own business.

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4 thoughts on “023: Jonathan Pototschnik – The Lawn Care Millionaire

  1. Tim says:

    This interview was AWESOME… !!! The way you had him break everything down was great. When I listen, I feel like I can take on the world and make it happen. Then reality sits in, then I feel like it will never happen to me. I am 49 years old and want soo bad to be a business man but struggle cause I have no help or mentors. Thanks again for the great interview and videos!!!

    • Stan Genadek says:

      Thanks for the feedback and compliments! It’s great to hear from guys like you. BUT…now on to the reality of it. Owning a business is a constant challenge. I will not sugar coat this: it will either make you or break you. If you are on the fence then look for mentors from a variety of different places. The more support the better. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. BNI is also another great place, and don’t forget rotary clubs and other associations. The more chances you have to communicate with ANY kind of business owner, then the more insight, knowledge, and experience you will gain. I can also help out whenever possible – just send me an email at stan@landscapebusinesspro.com.

      Stan Genadek

  2. jason schmidt says:

    I would like to say that your efforts in making these podcast and videos are so much more appreciated then you could ever know. My name is Jason Schmidt and I have done enough landscaping to know that I have so much to learn. I also am realizing how much you guys are just normal people but have a passion for what you do. I am starting a company in NY with my brother as of this year and have already implemented so many ideas that you or someone your interviewing has provided. I watch almost every video that has been posted and am in the process of listening to all the podcast’s at least twice. Keep up the awesome work. You guys are the reason that I stay motivated to get my business off the ground. Also I couldn’t agree more with your personal story about the whole “being born with a silver spoon in your mouth”. Thanks again and i’m sure I will have questions I hope you can answer in the future.

    • Stan Genadek says:

      Thanks Jason, I appreciate hearing from you! Stuff like this makes my day…it really is the only way I can tell if what we are doing is actually helping others, so Thank you! If I can ever be of any help just send me an email at stan@landscapebusinesspro.com.

      Warm Regards,
      Stan Genadek

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