015: Keith Kalfas – The Landscaping Employee Trap, and How To Get Out of It

Keith KalfasKeith Kalfas is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation in the world of landscaping with his Landscaping Employee Trap series. Stan even refers to Keith as the "Gary Vaynerchuk of landscaping videos". And although that’s a bold statement, after hearing his passion and fire exemplified in this episode, you may be inclined to agree. It would be an understatement to say this installment of the Landscape Business Pro Podcast covers the gamut. Keith and Stan have a great chemistry together, and as you listen, you’ll find out why. Both of these guys have experienced some pretty incredible challenges in their lives and careers. They’ll discuss some of these challenges, and more importantly, what they’ve learned to help overcome these obstacles and continually improve. What makes a good leader? How does the "average person" become a great leader? Most of all, how does this help you become more successful and make more money in your business? Keith’s passion is palpable, and his enthusiasm is inspirational. He has a great story, a powerful presence, and a drive that is contagious. Check out this episode, and decide how you will use it in your own life, relationships, and business.

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