044: Travis Leicht – Landscaping Suppliers Beware

Travis LeichtTravis Leicht is a young entrepreneur that approaches business from a completely different mentality. By his early twenties, Travis had already started, built, and sold multiple companies. In fact, the sole purpose he started the companies was just to sell them. Driven by his passion for bio-diesel engines, Travis has developed a proven strategy to build lean, efficient, fast-growing and profitable companies. His current venture is JIT Supply, based out of Sarasota, Florida. JIT Supply is a “just in time” landscaping supply company designed specifically for landscaping professionals. The business model focuses on low inventory supply lots in various locations throughout town – so they can promise fast, accurate delivery all over the city. Travis is a sharp, business-focused young man that has a bright and prosperous future ahead of him. Travis really know how to get a landscaping company off the ground, so I guarantee even some of you seasoned owners out there can learn a lot from this episode. For you younger listeners just starting out, you’ll hear some completely fresh ideas on how to grow your landscaping business right out of the gate.

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