046: Michael Port – Get Booked Solid with the Jobs You WANT

Michael PortMichael Port is a marketing guru that tells us NOT to focus on marketing – seriously. So what should we focus on? As business owners and managers, what ultimately makes a potential customer choose you and your company? Michael and Stan teach us just that in this episode of LBP. Learn how to go into a meeting and go into a bid with a confidence and demeanor that will absolutely land you more jobs. If you’re genuinely excited and enthusiastic about your business and the service you provide, the customer will pick up on it. Moreover, the customer will respond to it. Demonstrate credibility and earn the trust of your customers…and suddenly your pricing becomes less of a focus for your customers. They hire based on feeling, not price. But better yet, your bid process becomes a natural, simple sales conversation that you’ve been capable of having all along. The types of jobs you want, the jobs you love doing, the jobs you seek out – will start finding you.

Four Simple Steps That Can Guarantee a Contractor’s Success

  1. Return phone calls quickly
  2. Show up when you say you will
  3. Come in as close to budget as possible
  4. Finish the job on time

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