013: Mike Michalowicz – Take Your Profit First, and Pay the Other Guys Later

Profit First is the latest book by Mike Michalowicz. Mike has also written The Pumpkin Plan and and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. However, Mike wasn’t always an author. He successfully founded, built and sold two multi-million dollar companies by the time he was 35 years old. With that success and a bold new vision, Mike decided to become an angel investor, and subsequently lost nearly everything. Motivated by a fierce determination to get back on his feet, Mike focused all of his energy on his next passion: finding better ways to build healthy, financially strong companies. Over the last eight years, he has refined his Profit First methods into something any business owner can learn and benefit from. He’s learned a ton of valuable lessons throughout his life, and is gracious enough to share his story with us here, on the Landscape Business Pro Podcast.

" This method of Profit First this is the ‘pay yourself first’ process we’ve all been told to use in our personal lives – I’m just saying – it applies to business."

Mike is a passionate, humble, and highly intelligent guy that really understands business and has a uncanny ability to relate complex ideas in a way that is not only inspiring, but completely actionable as well. We had a great time talking with Mike and we know you guys are going to enjoy this episode. If you haven’t read Mike’s books, be sure to check them out as they are invaluable to businesses of all types and sizes. Check out the links below.

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Profit First
The Pumpkin Plan
The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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