043: Cullen Green – Owning a Landscaping Business at Age 16

It’s official – all of your excuses for not taking action are now BS. Let me run down some of the stats of our guest, Cullen Green. Cullen employs seven full-time people and has 5 trucks running. What’s the kicker? He’s 16 years old. This impressive young man bought a truck for his business before he was old enough to drive it. His knack for business and understanding of customer needs rival many seasoned business owners two and three times his age. This is one of the most inspiring episodes yet, so we’ll let it speak for itself. As you listen, remind yourself: Cullen is 16 years old.

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One thought on “043: Cullen Green – Owning a Landscaping Business at Age 16

  1. Mauricio Rivera says:

    That is awsome at 16 wow so inspiring I started working for landscaping company’s at 16 started own business at 21 now 25 have two crews. Love the podcast Stan great job. This has helped me alot to grow my business not just by pricing but by having the knowledge of what it takes.

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