042: Robert Mallon – Setting Goals for Life and the Bottom Line

Robert MallonI’ll be completely honest here. Self-help techniques and “ra ra!” type affirmations aren’t for all of us. But you’re listening to us to learn, right? To grow? To get that kick in the ass you need to start carving your own path? Give Robert Mallon a shot in this episode of LBP, and I guarantee you’ll be seeing some things in a different light.

Robert is a nationally-recognized professional speaker, business coach, mentor, and goal setter. Robert worked in a few different industries until 2002, when he became an entrepreneur and was soon excelling at starting and running businesses, mainly because Robert learned the importance of setting goals. Not just what goals to set, but how to set them. Robert has discovered that by clarifying your goals and focusing on ONE main goal per quarter, you can increase your productivity, results, and your bottom line. Robert firmly believes that in order to truly be happy – no matter how successful your business is – you have to incorporate personal goals, like family, as well. In this episode Robert shares with us how to do that and much more with some easy guidelines and expert advice. Don’t worry is you miss something – he has tons of content for you completely free on his website, Rusty Lion Academy.

Robert teaches us how to set “SMART” goals:

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measureable
  • A – Actionable
  • R – Realisitic
  • T – Time-Specific

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