007: Scott Amundson – Find Your Niche and Pursue it Relentlessly

Scott Amundson is owner of Amundson Photography, a studio that specializes in architectural and landscape photography. Determining your niche and going after it is a great way to specialize your company’s efforts, focus your talents and establish your brand. Stan refers to this as “niching down” or “niching in”, and believes it’s a powerful way to grow a very successful company. Even if you have no experience in the niche you want go after, who cares?! Make phone calls, utilize social media, do whatever you have to do to get that first job under your belt. Once you have that job completed, promote the hell out of it. How do you do that? Simple, highlight the project in your portfolio, both online and in print, and get it in front of as many people as you can.

Contrary to what many business owners may think, it is not impossible to break into a new style of client or a new level of project. If your goal is high-end projects, keep in mind that one of these projects is all it takes to go after other high-end projects. Whatever your goal is, whatever your ideal customer is, focus on targeting similar clients/projects and be persistent. Another secret to Scott’s success is staying mobile at all times. As we’ve talked about before, a traditional brick and mortar store might be hindering your business more than it’s helping. In today’s fast-paced, internet-savvy business landscape, business owners must be available to a much broader market than that which exists in a 20 mile radius around their office.

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