006: Scott Gilbertson – More Business Can Equal More Headaches, NOT More Profits

Are you happy with the size of your company?? Today we talk with Scott Gilbertson, owner of Meridian Tree, a tree service company in Minneapolis, MN. Many smaller contracting companies strive to grow and expand their business, but all too often these efforts are not reflected in the bottom line. Along with more customers and employees comes more paperwork, administration and expenses.

Scott shares his insights, some advertising experiences, as well as his ideas regarding what it takes to keep customers happy. Scott and his business partner have consistently grown their business over the last eight years, and Scott attributes his success to honesty, hard work, and being in it "for the long haul". Scott also admits to dropping the ball in an area of his business in which many smaller companies miss opportunities, and that’s staying in front of existing customers. What are you doing to keep your brand in the minds of your customers? Stan and Scott talk about some simple and inexpensive things you can do to capitalize on customers you already have. The guys also discuss a very popular advertising website for contractors, and share their experiences, which could save your company big bucks down the road.

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