009: Shawn Feurer Interview – Four Issues Faced by Every Contractor

After decades in the contracting industry, Shawn Feurer has focused his passion on helping contractors run a more successful, efficient, and profitable company. Shawn’s energy is contagious, and it’s apparent that he has a lot to offer to anyone that will listen. Over the last 12 years, he’s helped grow and maintain Certified Contractors Network, one of the top contractor training programs of its kind. The comprehensive courses offered by Certified Contractors Network are aimed specifically at contracting business owners and offers them the resources and training they need to grow and improve their business.

Shawn looks at four main issues that challenge every contracting business:

  1. The Fly by Night, Low-Ball Competition
  2. The Juggling Act: Wearing Too Many Hats as an Owner
  3. Feast or Famine: Not Enough Work One Day, Too Much Work the Next
  4. Too Little Profit: As Owner, You Deserve More Than Just an Income

Shawn and his company will help you learn how to run a better business, and it all starts with the numbers. He has some great insights, fantastic information, and was a pleasure to have on our show.

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