035: Susan Weinschenk – Leveraging a Landscaper’s Desire for Mastery

Susan WeinschenkYour employees — at least the good ones — have a desire for mastery. If they’re doing what they enjoy doing, what they’re passionate about, then they will have an inherent desire to become better and better at it. That’s all well and good…the question is…how, as managers, do we use that to our advantage? How do we use our employees’ desire for mastery to mutually benefit both the business and the employee? In this episode, Susan Weinschenk, also know as The Brain Lady, teaches us how. Some of the principals we’ll learn about are completely counter-intuitive. You think a reward will tell your employee how well they’re doing? Make them try harder next time in hopes of earning that same reward? As we’ll find out, that mindset is all wrong. This is a great episode. It has tons of good information and actionable advice that you can take to the job site right away.

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