050: Shawn Feurer – Stop Estimating Jobs and Start Selling Them

You’re not just a number cruncher.  Stop estimating jobs, and  start selling them! What is your sales process?  Shawn reviews the three bidding styles and how to perfect your presentation strategy.

1. Estimator
2. Schmoozer
3. Consultative

“Whether you buy from me, or somebody else, you’re going to have the tools and information necessary to make a good decision for your home and for your family.”

You want to set yourself apart from your competition. Every step of your process should be making yourself different.

CCN Process:
Step 1 – Attitude and goals
Step 2 – Pre-Approach – 3rd party sales tools that are sent out before you go out (for example: “How to Make a Successful Construction Investment.”  A reminder of appointment time and picture of who is coming out.
Step 3 – Measure call – Needs analysis call to find out the specific needs of the customer.  29 Questions you should ask your customers (you can get a free copy of these questions when you sign up for a free 30 minute business coaching call with Shawn)

With over 20 years  in the home improvement industry Shawn Feurer is experienced in all aspects of owning and running a successful remodeling company.  His company, Norton’s Quality Exteriors served the greater Salt Lake area  and were members of Certified Contractors Network for 10 years.   Shawn has always had a passion for homes and helping people.  He is very knowledgeable in the CCN best practices and has had years of experience implementing them into his business.  He now uses this experience to help others working for CCN  in member support and business development.


032: Tom Reber – Bid Smarter! Save Time and Boost Your Margins

Tom ReberHow many times have you spent half the day meeting with a potential client only to realize their project is completely unrealistic for their budget? How much time have you wasted trying to figure out the scope of a project when the customer really has no idea what they want? Remember, YOU are in control of your business. Tom Reber is a contractor, business owner, podcaster, and business coach. He knows what it takes to make your business work for you, rather than the other way around. By prequalifying potential clients based on scope and budget, your jobs will be easier to land, easier to bid, and ultimately easier to GET PAID on. Period. It really is that simple to minimize the time spent on the project and maximize your margins. Simply put: Find the right clients, take on the right projects, and build the business you want to own.

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027: Thomas O’Malley of Yardbook.com – Business Software for Landscapers

Before creating what he plans to make the most comprehensive and user-friendly software available for landscapers today, Thomas O’Malley was a young lawn mowing entrepreneur himself. In fact, he saw so much success so quickly that he was able to buy a truck for his business before he was old enough to drive it. Years later, with that same ambition and well-earned business savvy, Tom paired up with web design/development guru Mark Ke, and created Yardbook.com, the amazing cloud-based software designed for landscapers. Stan is using Yardbook, and being that it’s free, you have no excuse not to check it out for yourself. Estimating, routing, bookkeeping, invoicing and much more is all done with ease using this revolutionary new tool.

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016: Ryan Foudray – An Expert Guide: How to Start and Grow a Lawn Care Business

The amount of amazing information shared by Ryan Foudray in this episode is hard to put into words. Ryan Foudray is co-owner of Prescription Landscape, one of the largest lawn maintenance companies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. This episode is absolutely packed with incredible information that is priceless to anyone involved with. or thinking about starting their own lawn maintenance company. Ryan pulls no punches, and graciously shares tons of insights and strategies that he’s put together throughout his own experiences, both good and bad.

"Pricing is the easy part, it’s building the relationship that’s difficult"

Over the past twelve years that he’s been involved with Prescription Landscape, Ryan has honed his pricing structure, bidding processes, sales techniques, relationships, and overall efficiencies. He focuses on qualified leads, and an important part of that is getting in front of property managers – and Ryan shares with us exactly how to do that. Stan and Ryan also talk about some of the tools he uses, such as Google Earth Pro. They also touch on the importance of various associations, such as the Builders Owners and Management Association, and how to capitalize on those relationships to build your business the smart way, which is all about the bottom line. You will not be disappointed by this episode, and we can’t wait to hear how you will implement these strategies in your own business!

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003: Bidding Basics: One Project, Multiple Bidding Options. Which Should You Choose?

Bidding & Estimating – Fair and Informed Bidding that Protects Your Bottom Line

Let’s talk bidding, or as Stan calls it, "The lifeblood of your business." For those of you with a lot of experience in this area, it never hurts to hear another expert’s point of view. For you guys just starting out, avoid some common mistakes many business owners make in this crucial aspect of your business.