054: Nick May – Full Time Income, 33% Effort

Nick May

Building a business is about putting the systems in place by making sure all the little details are in place.

Nick’s goal is to work 33% of the time while creating a full time income.  When you have streamlined systems in your business, you don’t have to micromanage everything for consistent profits.

Every person in your business knows exactly what they should be doing and when, so you are free to focus on growing your business.

Have a good system means that the appropriate person knows what to do when XYZ happens.

For example, your office staff knows exactly what to do when the phone rings: 1. Answer the phone. 2. If they are requesting and estimate, ______. If they have an issue, ______. 3. Follow up with an estimate in __ days.  Or whatever the case may be.  There is no confusion and things don’t get forgotten.

Nick even has a system down for hiring new employees.  This ensures that he only hire applicants that are a good fit for his business.

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038: Jeffrey Scott – Grow Your Landscaping Business by Recruiting Great Employees

Jeffrey ScottJeffrey Scott, MBA, author, business coach, hall-of-fame consultant, is the expert in growth and profit maximization in the lawn & landscape industry. He grew his company into a successful $10 million enterprise, and he’s now devoted to helping others achieve profound success. Jeffrey believes, if you really want to run and grow the business you always wanted while still having time to enjoy your success, it is absolutely necessary to become a recruiting expert. Find a rockstar #2 employee, or what Jeffrey calls a “2nd in command”. Next, get your estimating process down to a science. Then, work on a budget and make it a priority every single month. Get ready to hit the rewind button, because Jeffrey and Stan share some invaluable information in this episode, including some great tips on how to write the perfect “Help Wanted” ad. As always, thanks for checking out the Landscape Business Pro Podcast!

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026: Kenny Chapman – The Blue Collar Coach

Kenny ChapmanAs an entrepreneur, Kenny Chapman believes it’s important to ask yourself, “Are you serving your business, or is your business serving you?” Also known as The Blue Collar Coach, Kenny is President and Founder of the Blue Collar Success Group. When he was 30 years old and working as a self-proclaimed ‘sewer rat,’ he set the ambitious goal of retiring at the age of 40. After experiencing some setbacks, Kenny decided to take a hard look at how he was running his business, and how it was running him. Before anything else, decide what your endgame is and what your goals are as a business owner. Once you understand these and focus on your purpose, it will help guide you and your decisions every single day. This focus has allowed Kenny to look at retirement from a completely new perspective. Instead of building your company and eventually selling it as part of your retirement plan, why not create systems and build leaders within your company that allow you to keep the company forever, and never retire. Kenny is an author, business coach, speaker, consultant and above all else, a very successful entrepreneur. He has some great experiences and his no nonsense, down-to-earth style is a perfect fit for our show.

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022: Darryl Lyons – Small Business, Big Pressure

Darryl LyonsDarryl Lyons is co-founder of Pax Financial Group, which was voted the fasted growing and best places to work by the San Antonio Business Journal. Darryl is also author of Small Business Big Pressure: A Faith-based Approach to Guide the Ambitious Entrepreneur. Darryl discovered his interest in business early on, and had a knack for it right away. Darryl used that passion to begin his own business, and has experienced a great deal of success, not only financially, but also in building a positive, professional and highly sought-after work environment. Darryl has had an interesting and sometimes difficult journey that has molded him into the husband, father, and business owner that he is today. He and Stan discuss some awesome techniques and strategies that anyone can incorporate into their business to help them build a strong company with happy employees that truly want to show up every day. These techniques can be applied to any business, especially the landscaping and excavating industries. Darryl has a powerful, positive message, and is living proof that nice guys do not finish last. Get where you want to go, but do it differently.

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008: Matt Moeller – Overcoming Challenges Facing the Snow Plowing Industry

Matt Moeller is the Resource Coordinator for Interstate Companies, one of Minnesota’s top outdoor maintenance service companies. Matt got started in the industry back when he was 18 years, so he understands the industry and has experienced it from a variety of positions within a company.

"You gotta have it in your blood naturally…you gotta like the smell of diesel in the morning"

Is the snow plowing industry facing a potential crash? What does this mean for the strong companies that are able to survive the upcoming challenges? Matt and Stan discuss various difficulties facing the snow removal industry, especially on what it takes to find, teach and keep good employees. Matt believes that today’s mindset of instant gratification has made it increasingly difficult to find young people that understand it takes hard work and it takes time to get to that next level. It isn’t instant. You have to love the smell of diesel in the morning and you have to “want it”.

In Stan’s experience, he’s found that often a less-experienced, trainable, honest employee is more valuable to your company than a seasoned employee that knows their stuff, but might not be on the same page as you and the rest of your team. Once your company established a good crew – a crew that cares – how do we keep them busy 52 weeks a year? Matt also shares what he’s learned about management, and what it means to be a good foreman. The hard work that moved you up in the company doesn’t stop once you’re a manager/owner. In fact, the hard work becomes more constant, and doesn’t stop just because you punch the clock at the end of day. Our interview wraps-up with Matt’s thoughts regarding the importance of setting up systems and surrounding yourself with good people.

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005: Hiring Part 2: Turning the Average Employee into a Rockstar

Building Upon the Potential of the Employees You Already Have

In part 2 of our hiring and management episodes, we’re going to talk about how you can turn the average employee, into an exceptional employee. A couple of the ways this is done is through Constant Reinforcement and Variable Reward Schedules. Sounds fancy, but basically, we’re talking about how you reward your employees. And, in some cases, how you let your employees know that there’s some room for improvement. Whether it’s positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement, like it or not, as a business owner, these kinds of feedback are absolutely necessary to keep your employees happy, and to keep them sharp.

Some of the examples we’re going to give are not always going to make sense for your business or for your employees and that’s OK. When we talk about “Negative Reinforcement”, our telephone example may seem strange, but we think it’s worth hearing, because, we want to give you guys some ideas and methods that you can customize and adapt to fit your own company, and your own personality. These are just examples, so keep that in mind as your listening. Thank you very much for joining us, and please enjoy Part Two of our two-part hiring and managing series…

004: Hiring Part 1: Eliminate Complacency by Creating Healthy Competition Between Employees

Constant Recruitment to Find, Create, and Keep the Best Employees Possible

Creating Healthy Competition between your employees and establishing trust with your employees is very important to the success of your company. We want to help you build a business that allows you to take a break once in a while. Acquiring and keeping good employees will allow you the flexibility to truly be an owner.