058: Tony Bass – Megatrends that will Catapult or Kill Your Business

tbass08headshotToday Stan talks with Tony Bass who partnered up with Michael Gerber (author of The E Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It) to write The E Myth: Landscape and Contractors edition. 

Before he read The E-Myth, Tony’s landscaping business was making approximately $350,000 in revenue with 8 employees.  After reading the book, he took a 6 month sabbatical to create systems he could apply to replicate and expand his company.

5 years after his sabbatical, Tony was at about $1 million in revenue.  The revenue wasn’t important, it was the foundation.  He had plans for every part of his business. A financial plan. Marketing plan. Operational plan. organizational charts.  Job descriptions.  Training manuals.

5 Mega Trends that Catapult or Kill

  1. Baby boomers buy more services
  2. Fuel prices are lower
  3. Big companies face higher cost of labor than smaller companies
  4. Pay rates are going up
  5. Automation

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057: Marty Grunder – Become a Better Leader Now

MG in garden 2 070708Stan and Marty Grunder discuss how leadership allows you to leverage your time and resources.  When things didn’t work out as Marty wanted and expected, he is able to trace it back to poor leadership.  When things go well, he is being a good leader.

5 Tenets of Successful Leaders

  1. Lead by example
  2. Have integrity
  3. Be enthusiastic
  4. Communicate
  5. Do a little bit more than the other guy/gal

Ask somebody to give you their honest opinion on how you rate on the 5 tenets.

The core values in Marty’s businesses are quality, teamwork, leadership, profitability.

“Whatever you allow, you encourage.”

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055: Jim Bouchard – 8 Strategies for Personal and Professional Mastery

Jim BouchardJim Bouchard goes over 8 universal strategies for personal and professional mastery that apply to large and small business alike.

  1. Discipline
  2. Focus – letting go of the distractions keeping you from the task at hand
  3. Understand and Cultivate Power
  4. Be Confident – Yet Humble
  5. Be Flexible, Adaptable, and Comfortable with Uncertainty
  6. Strap on Your Belt
  7. Keep “Beginners” Mind
  8. Be a Leader (Get 8 Strategies for Effective Leaders for free) – Be the leader you would want to follow

Perfection is not a destination; it’s a never-ending process.  The true masters has a beginners mind. A master has failed more times than a beginner has ever attempted.

Think Like a Black Belt

Sensei Leader


054: Nick May – Full Time Income, 33% Effort

Nick May

Building a business is about putting the systems in place by making sure all the little details are in place.

Nick’s goal is to work 33% of the time while creating a full time income.  When you have streamlined systems in your business, you don’t have to micromanage everything for consistent profits.

Every person in your business knows exactly what they should be doing and when, so you are free to focus on growing your business.

Have a good system means that the appropriate person knows what to do when XYZ happens.

For example, your office staff knows exactly what to do when the phone rings: 1. Answer the phone. 2. If they are requesting and estimate, ______. If they have an issue, ______. 3. Follow up with an estimate in __ days.  Or whatever the case may be.  There is no confusion and things don’t get forgotten.

Nick even has a system down for hiring new employees.  This ensures that he only hire applicants that are a good fit for his business.

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048: Jeff Johnson – Forget Landscaping Skills and Learn THIS Instead!

Jeff JohnsonIf you want to run a successful business, forget about your craft. You can be the best landscaper…the best excavator…the best contractor around – but ultimately, none of that matters if you don’t know how to communicate. The hard truth is, it doesn’t matter how good you are at your craft, people skills are absolutely vital to your success. Jeff Johnson is an author, business owner, and former gubernatorial candidate for the state of MN. All these experiences have taught Jeff about the importance of connecting with people. Jeff and Stan talk about the importance of small talk, remembering names, and following up with people – these things matter!

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046: Michael Port – Get Booked Solid with the Jobs You WANT

Michael PortMichael Port is a marketing guru that tells us NOT to focus on marketing – seriously. So what should we focus on? As business owners and managers, what ultimately makes a potential customer choose you and your company? Michael and Stan teach us just that in this episode of LBP. Learn how to go into a meeting and go into a bid with a confidence and demeanor that will absolutely land you more jobs. If you’re genuinely excited and enthusiastic about your business and the service you provide, the customer will pick up on it. Moreover, the customer will respond to it. Demonstrate credibility and earn the trust of your customers…and suddenly your pricing becomes less of a focus for your customers. They hire based on feeling, not price. But better yet, your bid process becomes a natural, simple sales conversation that you’ve been capable of having all along. The types of jobs you want, the jobs you love doing, the jobs you seek out – will start finding you.

Four Simple Steps That Can Guarantee a Contractor’s Success

  1. Return phone calls quickly
  2. Show up when you say you will
  3. Come in as close to budget as possible
  4. Finish the job on time

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045: Jeff McManus – Weeders vs. Leaders: Change the Game in One Hour a Month

jeff-mcmanusTurning weeders into leaders. That’s Jeff McManus’ philosophy when it comes to shaping the culture of your company. But what does that mean? And what the hell does “company culture” have to do with my 10-man landscaping business? The answer is simple. By educating your employees, engaging them, empowering them, and trusting them, you can create great leaders out of “average” employees. Give them the know-how and drive that allows them to focus on bettering themselves, and being proud of their work. Not only will this “weed out” the weak employees, but suddenly your other guys are showing up early, asking good questions, taking pride in their job, but best of all – making each other accountable for their work – without you needing to say a word.

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044: Travis Leicht – Landscaping Suppliers Beware

Travis LeichtTravis Leicht is a young entrepreneur that approaches business from a completely different mentality. By his early twenties, Travis had already started, built, and sold multiple companies. In fact, the sole purpose he started the companies was just to sell them. Driven by his passion for bio-diesel engines, Travis has developed a proven strategy to build lean, efficient, fast-growing and profitable companies. His current venture is JIT Supply, based out of Sarasota, Florida. JIT Supply is a “just in time” landscaping supply company designed specifically for landscaping professionals. The business model focuses on low inventory supply lots in various locations throughout town – so they can promise fast, accurate delivery all over the city. Travis is a sharp, business-focused young man that has a bright and prosperous future ahead of him. Travis really know how to get a landscaping company off the ground, so I guarantee even some of you seasoned owners out there can learn a lot from this episode. For you younger listeners just starting out, you’ll hear some completely fresh ideas on how to grow your landscaping business right out of the gate.

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042: Robert Mallon – Setting Goals for Life and the Bottom Line

Robert MallonI’ll be completely honest here. Self-help techniques and “ra ra!” type affirmations aren’t for all of us. But you’re listening to us to learn, right? To grow? To get that kick in the ass you need to start carving your own path? Give Robert Mallon a shot in this episode of LBP, and I guarantee you’ll be seeing some things in a different light.

Robert is a nationally-recognized professional speaker, business coach, mentor, and goal setter. Robert worked in a few different industries until 2002, when he became an entrepreneur and was soon excelling at starting and running businesses, mainly because Robert learned the importance of setting goals. Not just what goals to set, but how to set them. Robert has discovered that by clarifying your goals and focusing on ONE main goal per quarter, you can increase your productivity, results, and your bottom line. Robert firmly believes that in order to truly be happy – no matter how successful your business is – you have to incorporate personal goals, like family, as well. In this episode Robert shares with us how to do that and much more with some easy guidelines and expert advice. Don’t worry is you miss something – he has tons of content for you completely free on his website, Rusty Lion Academy.

Robert teaches us how to set “SMART” goals:

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measureable
  • A – Actionable
  • R – Realisitic
  • T – Time-Specific

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038: Jeffrey Scott – Grow Your Landscaping Business by Recruiting Great Employees

Jeffrey ScottJeffrey Scott, MBA, author, business coach, hall-of-fame consultant, is the expert in growth and profit maximization in the lawn & landscape industry. He grew his company into a successful $10 million enterprise, and he’s now devoted to helping others achieve profound success. Jeffrey believes, if you really want to run and grow the business you always wanted while still having time to enjoy your success, it is absolutely necessary to become a recruiting expert. Find a rockstar #2 employee, or what Jeffrey calls a “2nd in command”. Next, get your estimating process down to a science. Then, work on a budget and make it a priority every single month. Get ready to hit the rewind button, because Jeffrey and Stan share some invaluable information in this episode, including some great tips on how to write the perfect “Help Wanted” ad. As always, thanks for checking out the Landscape Business Pro Podcast!

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