065: Josie Robinson – Change Your Perspective with Gratitude

Josie Robinson PhotoLook for reasons to be grateful (every single day) instead of things to be upset about.

Practicing gratitude is a “keystone habit.”  The positive affects continue into other areas in your life.

“Give Thanks” System
T – Think about what you’re grateful for
H – Have an open mind (nothing you are grateful for is too small)
A – Allow yourself to feel gratitude
N – Note your gratitude (write it down)
K – Keep it in a special place51snvkxdrAL._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_
S – Share it with somebody else

Josie’s mantra when she is starting to feel frazzled is: “I am thankful for…”  When she feels herself starting to get upset or overwhelmed, she takes a second to note what is is grateful for.

Within 3 weeks of practicing gratitude, people are 25% happier, sleeping better and exercising more.  The benefits continue even after they are no longer intentionally practicing gratitude!

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056: Kim Julen – Using Intuition to Grow Your Business

Kim JulenKim Julen with Finding Your Fiji discusses the importance of trusting your intuition to grow your business.  She discusses a few tests you can do right where you are to help determine whether or not you should do something.

So, how do you know it’s your intuition and not your ego?

Intuition feels natural, spontaneous, familiar
Intuition is uplifting – it feels good
Intuition is positive for highest good of all – no harm will come to others
Intuition is direct, to the point, and supportive
Intuition leaves a strong impression
Intuition is consistent
Intuition often leads to helping others
Intuition encourages making healthy changes

Intuition often comes to you through things you hear, see, think.  For example, numbers, words, animals, or triggers (if you see something and it makes you think of something else.)


How does what you say to yourself affects your reality?  Attract what you want instead of what you don’t want. The universe doesn’t hear a negative, so speak and think what you want.

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051: Keith & Ashley Kalfas – Balancing Family and Business

Maintaining and growing romantic and familial relationships can be difficult when starting a business. Having a successful marriage, family, and business requires a unique balance of time, money, and resources.

Stan sits down with Keith & Ashley Kalfas after the 2015 GIE Expo to discuss the early years of their relationship and marriage. How did they make it through the rough patches of endless work?

Ashley opens up about her trust issues that stem from childhood and how she and Keith were able to work through them.

Stan and Keith discuss the way that arguments with their spouses affect their production. How do you respond to arguments? Does it fester and bother you all day or can you work through them and resolve them at the appropriate time?


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