061: Geek to Freak & Keith and Ashley Kalfas – The YouTube Life

Keith KalfasGreg Chism - Geek to FreakStan sits down with Greg Chism (AKA Geek to Freak) and Keith & Ashley Kalfas after the GIE Expo to have a casual conversation about the ins and outs of their YouTube “careers.”

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049: Tyler Olson – Turning Simple Facebook Posts Into Paychecks

Tyler OlsonWhat are Facebook “dark posts” and how can you use them to promote your business in a targeted and cost-effective way? Today Stan talks with business owner and social media expert Tyler Olson. If your company is on Facebook already, then sponsored posts and dark posts are an awesome way for you to reach more potential customers in an inexpensive and targeted way. Roughly 80% of Americans are on Facebook, and about 50% login every single day. The engagement level is huge, so it can be very build an audience, attract customers and generate business. Tyler and Stan layout some awesome ways you and your company can utilize dead-simple ideas on Facebook — like before-and-after pictures — to grab attention and grow your business.

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