020: Tom Ziglar – Eliminate Zombies From Your Landscaping Business. Seriously.

Tom ZiglarTom Ziglar is the CEO of Ziglar, Inc., and works to continue the legacy of his father, Zig Ziglar. Tom helps companies and individuals improve themselves, their relationships, and their companies. In this episode of the Landscape Business Pro Podcast, Tom talks about zombies in the workplace. Those disengaged employees that do little more than show up every day and go through the motions. As an owner, a manager, a leader of your employees – it is crucial to understand the potential harm that can be brought to your organization as a direct result of these “zombies”. Find them, weed them out, and watch every other employee improve in their attitude, performance, and productivity. Tom is an engaging, smart speaker that has a unique way of helping people see things in a new light. This episode has some great information and actionable steps that you can begin taking within your own company right away.

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