045: Jeff McManus – Weeders vs. Leaders: Change the Game in One Hour a Month

jeff-mcmanusTurning weeders into leaders. That’s Jeff McManus’ philosophy when it comes to shaping the culture of your company. But what does that mean? And what the hell does “company culture” have to do with my 10-man landscaping business? The answer is simple. By educating your employees, engaging them, empowering them, and trusting them, you can create great leaders out of “average” employees. Give them the know-how and drive that allows them to focus on bettering themselves, and being proud of their work. Not only will this “weed out” the weak employees, but suddenly your other guys are showing up early, asking good questions, taking pride in their job, but best of all – making each other accountable for their work – without you needing to say a word.

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One thought on “045: Jeff McManus – Weeders vs. Leaders: Change the Game in One Hour a Month

  1. Hey Stan. So I’m getting caught up on your podcast today, doing some projects prepping for winter, and as I’m pulling in the driveway to Menard’s I hear you talking about the Menard’s sales ad. How crazy is that timing! It’s fun when little things like that happen. And thank you for all you do Stan, I appreciate you.

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