047: Dale Spencer – Your Biggest Hurdle

Dale SpencerWhether you’re seriously thinking about starting a new landscaping business, or maybe you’re on the fence about taking the next step in your current company…what’s the biggest thing standing between you and your success? It’s not money, or equipment, or personnel – it’s fear. In this episode, Dale and Stan tackle this subject head-on. At the age of 20, Dale Spencer was a strong, fit young man filled with energy, when a sudden injury left Dale paralyzed. Just like that, simple everyday tasks we all take for granted had to be re-learned. With incredible resilience, an undeniable drive, and a strong support system around him, Dale conquered a situation that most of us couldn’t even imagine. Not only has Dale has been able to realize his goals and achieve great success, he’s dedicated his life to helping others do the same. He is a truly inspiring individual, and he and Stan have a great conversation about life, attitude, and what all of us can do to see past our fear, and focus on our success.

How to Overcome Your FEARS

  • F – Focus
  • E – Energy
  • A – Attitude
  • R – Resilience
  • S – Support Systems

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One thought on “047: Dale Spencer – Your Biggest Hurdle

  1. Vinnie Pantoja says:

    Hi how are you, I started my own lawn business two years ago, went from homeless to living in a middle class neighborhood, from what I understand a lot of these guys are entrepreneurs as well. I love making money and finding new ways to make money. I have a plan for a “Landscapers digest” magazine. I’m currently trying to find someone who would love to be on board with me, I have a few ideas in the mind of a lawn care owner and what I want to see in a magazine but with someone else’s help we could do more!
    I also do photography so I would be doing all photos. This may even be good for your podcast as well, mentions you are co owner what whatever if may be. If this sounds like something you would be interested in feel free to contact me anytime, I will provide my phone number upon response.

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